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The evoROYALution of beauty.

Royal families of ancient civilisations were known to have exotic beauty and extremely conscious about their skincare. From rose oil, olive oil to milk and honey, they discovered these proven active ingredients and developed their own unique home-made beauty secrets. Hence, they set the pace to more beauty products and became the proven ingredients to many beauty brands.

It is no secret that we all pamper ourselves with their beauty secrets using milk, honey, rose oil, tea leaves, olive oil, aloe vera, berries and more. But do you know some of these ingredients are far more than the usual kind?  

Cleopatra’s face mask was made from crocodile faeces. Queen Marie Antoinette’s cleanser used fermented pigeons. Queen Elizabeth 1’s extremely white face was the result of a blend of toxic lead and vinegar. And there were many more shocking findings from these royal queens from past civilisations.

At Royal Perfect, we ditch away those harsh extremes and instead, maintain the royal finesse and distinction in all our products. We make you feel part of the glowing royal family by pampering you with skincare that suits you best.

No worries, no extreme formula. No surgical, no injection.   Our products are formulated with the synergy of the East and West to give you the most superior skincare solutions.

From herbal plant extracts to US-patented technology, Royal Perfect has proven to be the royal beauty secret that gives your skin that radiance, suppleness, vitality and youthfulness you deserve.

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Men also care for their skin. For me, I want to look good and youthful. Royal Perfect Dermashine makes me look 27.

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I was told for optimal results, it is best to use all products. True, the combined efficacy helps boost better results.

Ms Teh, 50 years old
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In the Elizabethan era, high forehead was considered the sign of aristocracy and pale white was the trend. For Queen Elizabeth 1, she wanted to maintain her “Virgin Queen” image with whiter than white look. Hence, she used Venitian ceruse, a mix of lead and vinegar, not knowing it was toxic back then!

The Queen had a beauty secret: Her bathing ritual in milk and honey. Her facial toner was rose water. Her body scrub used sea salts and olive oil. Her facial toner was apple cider vinegar. And the most shocking secret: Her face mask was formulated from donkey’s milk and crocodile faeces!

Queen Marie Antoinette had an extravagant taste for beauty. She hired an army of dressmakers and hairstylists. Big hairdo and her skincare included water lilies, melons, cucumbers, lemons, borage, beans and fermented pigeons! She called it Eau Cosmetique de Pigeon!

Empress Dowager had a daily beauty ritual. By day, she applied pearl powder and skin cream made from flower distillate. By night, egg whites were used on her face. From ginseng, bird’s nest, rose tea to pearl powder and other plant extracts, the ingredients were all kind to her skin although history wasn’t kind to her!

The Empress loved bathing in the tub of water with rose petals, and one day, she discovered rose oil, an amazing ingredient for skincare and perfume. Though her life was a bed of roses, her beauty secret was shocking. She wasn’t aware of bromine mannite was toxic to her fiery red lips!