No crocodile dung, no fermented pigeons, no lead, no bromine mannite, no more harsh extremes. At Royal Perfect, we don’t go the extreme. We believe, to maintain the natural beauty in us, we need to go natural.

And this is the key principle that set up Royal Perfect. The name itself speaks volumes of the perfection we aim to achieve in a natural way. While the past royal families used plant extracts and the best of nature, we still do. These fruits, flowers and herbal plant extracts are used as part of our key formulation.

In fact, it is scientifically proven and extracted using state-of-the-art US-patented technology. Hence, you have the best of both worlds, the East and West skincare.

All-natural. Home-based Royal treatment.

Royal Perfect is an all-natural home beauty therapy which does not require you to go under the knife, laser or needle. It is 100% natural and safe. Currently, we have two range of products:

Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox is a revolutionary breakthrough in detoxifying your skin. It is a home use therapy to help treat freckles, pigmentations, acnes, wrinkles, fine lines and all skin problems in an all-natural way. The results can be seen clearly in just 35 days. It is currently available in four integrated products.

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Royal Perfect Dermashine helps bring out the royal glow within your skin. It comes in seven groundbreaking products which work best when used as a whole set. This series combines both the superiority of nature and technology using plant extracts and traditional Chinese medicine with USA’s patented state-of-the-art technology. Key formulation include the highly prized hyaluronic acid, peptides, glabridin, and many other valued ingredients.

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The two range of products when combined will give you the most effective results: A royal radiant, supple and more youthful-looking skin. A new you!

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