Everything you want to know about Royal Perfect

Royal Perfect understands how much you care about your skin. As a caring brand, we always listen and attend to all enquiries about Royal Perfect. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions from all our clients.

Royal Perfect is formulated from natural plant extracts using the technology of the West which is US-patented technology. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine which have proven to be effective for centuries. In fact, the royal families of past civilisations have been using these ingredients for their skincare. Among them are hyaluronic acid, ginseng, lingzhi, peptides, glabridin, cucumber, coconut oil and more.

As for whether they can cause allergy or not, most of these active ingredients are nature-based and therefore, it is kind to all types of skin. Should there be truly sensitive skin and allergy that causes swelling, extreme rashes and others, it is best to consult your skin doctor or physician immediately. However, Royal Perfect since our formation has yet to encounter such serious allergy from customers.

Royal Perfect is formulated from premium quality ingredients. For instance, other brands use macro molecules of hyaluronic acid but ours are nano molecules which can penetrate deep into the skin layers. We also use glabridin which is considered as the whitening gold because it is expensive and rarely used in ordinary brands. Other active ingredients are meticulously chosen to ensure they are all high quality because we believe we must not compromise beauty with lesser quality ingredients.

Royal Perfect is established by Tengku Puan Sri Puteri Rosmawini, who is a member of the royal family in Malaysia. She discovered the formulation after she was healed from skin problems and thus, she wanted to share this wisdom of beauty to everywhere. It is an age-old formulation consisting key ingredients used in royal families from past civilisations, such as pearl powder, ginseng, lingzhi and others. However, unlike some royal queens who went for harsh extremes to gain their beauty, Royal Perfect is an all-natural, home-based therapy.

Yes. Royal Perfect is the answer to skin treatment without going under the knife or laser or needle. It is an all-natural therapy which you can do in the comfort of your own home. And because it is nature-based, you don’t have to worry about serious chemical reaction. Best of all, the detox process takes only 35 days to see proven results.

Royal Perfect helps treat and boost skin by applying on the skin surface and not by consumption. Therefore, even if you are on medication, there shouldn’t be any problem. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor first.

All the products are uniquely formulated for different functions but they complement one another to give the best results. Therefore, it is best to use the products as a whole set rather than individual product. We currently have two range of products, Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox and Royal Perfect Dermashine. It is advisable to start your beauty process with the Esthetic Detox range first. After the face has undergone detoxification, you can then apply the Dermashine series.

Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox focuses on detoxifying your skin or getting rid of all the free radicals or toxic on your face. Results can be seen clearly in 35 days. On the other hand, Royal Perfect Dermashine series helps bring out the royal glow within your skin. It cleanses, purifies, nourishes and moisturizes your skin and best used after Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox.

Yes. Royal Perfect is scientifically and clinically tested based on age-old proven formulation. We have proofs of testimonies from our customers as in the Testimony page. Royal Perfect has also received certification by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia and this means it is 100% safe to use.
Royal Perfect is not available off the shelf in pharmacies at the moment due to our strict distribution channel. As it is a premium brand, we only make it available through our agents. Therefore, you can purchase Royal Perfect from our agents or by contacting our offices in the Contact Page. We also recommend you to seek professional guidance on how to use our products for optimum results.
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