Youthful radiant skin makes you a royal highness. With Royal Perfect, we bring out the radiance in you with distinctively proven formulation that combines the best of East and West. Now everyone doesn’t need to have royal blood to feel like a royal family.

- Tengku Puan Sri Puteri Rosmawini, Founder/CEO of Royal Perfect

Discover the Treasure of Royal Perfect

Have you ever come across a time when you doubt about your own beauty? I had gone through this stage when I didn’t dare to look at the mirror after I gave birth to my first child. Let alone to even go out because my skin problems like blemishes, acnes and freckles were serious. I sought all kinds of help, including visiting the nation’s top doctors and dermatologists but it was futile.

Finally, a wise 80-year old doctor asked me to try his age-old formulation to heal my skin problems. I was a bit hesitant but decided to try it. After all, I had exhausted all efforts. I applied the boiled formulation diligently.

The result: My skins were healed and it created a spark of idea. Why not I share my wisdom on beauty to help others?

And this was how Royal Perfect born. No fairy tales of royal kingdom. No magical journey. No sword fights. But just a simple truth that I want to share to the world that they can ditch away their low self-esteem and deserve to look beautiful without going under the knife.

And Royal Perfect provides that natural way to skincare. A revolutionary brand with the most sophisticated breakthrough in skincare today, Royal Perfect encapsulates this belief by sharing the royal beauty secret that defines the hallmark of Royal Perfect.

As part of the royal family, I am proud to say, you can also feel like a royal family if you have youthful radiant skin.

- Tengku Puan Sri Puteri Rosmawini, Founder/CEO of Royal Perfect

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