Having lots of acne and hate to go for surgical treatment?

Lacking of confidence with freckles and dark spots all over your face?

Applying lots of make up just conceal all the blemishes and uneven texture of your face?

Now you can treat your skin problems the natural way at home without going for laser surgery, injection and all the harsh extremes.

Take the FIRST step to skin treatment with Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox

That’s right! It is best to first treat your skin problem with Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox before using Royal Perfect Dermashine range of products.

Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox is a revolutionary breakthrough in detoxifying your skin. It is a home use therapy to help treat freckles, pigmentations, acnes, wrinkles, fine lines and all skin problems in an all-natural way. The results can be seen clearly in just 35 days.

The detox set comes in four integrated products for greater results – Revitalise, Repair, Restore and Moisturise. It is built on the premise that we need to address the root of skin problem through improvement of blood circulation and immune system.

To develop the formulation, we believe the needs to create a balanced “qi” (energy). As our skin is always exposed to harsh conditions (negative “qi”), the detox process will help bring more positive “qi”. This can be done by exfoliation of dead skin cells, and then promote regeneration of new cells and greater skin metabolism.

Traditional. Natural. No surgical. No injection.

Royal Perfect Esthetic Detox uses the blend of traditional Chinese medicine and technological advancement of the West to create this unique and effective formulation that detoxifies and treats skin problems in an all-natural way. No surgical, no injection.

Formulated by Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum, Millettia, Sea Buckthorn and other pure plant extracts, these active ingredients are highly valued for their efficacy and proven results.

  • Ginseng has blood circulation boosting properties and is a strong antioxidant and stimulant, making it a highly prized anti-aging ingredient.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum (lingzhi) has been used for hundreds of years as a toxin remover. When applied on skin, it helps boost blood circulation on skin, neutralize and reduce open pores.
  • Millettia Pinnata produces Karanja Oil which has strong wound healing properties and used to fight bacteria, bacteria, microbes, fungi and more.
  • Sea Buckthorn promotes skin hydration and regeneration. It is also used to treat rosacea, a chronic inflammatory condition that causes small red bumps on the face.

Revitalising skin

Worried about harsh extremes and pain during process of skin detox?

Need to boost your skin elasticity with ease?

Don’t worry. Ultra Boost Serum is a highly concentrated serum formulated to improve blood and lymph circulation, as well as face metabolism because it is the root to treat skin problems.

The serum effectively detoxifies skin and improves skin moisturising ability which will ultimately, boost skin elasticity. Apply on the entire face and then focus on the affected areas for ultra-proven results!

Moisturising skin

Having drying skin or not enough moist to keep it glow?

Need to nurture the skin with more nutrients?

Apply the Deep Moist Cream on the whole face as a moisturiser in the morning, afternoon and night. Rich in Vitamin E and natural botanical extracts like red sage, aloe vera and tocopherol, the cream deeply locks in moist while giving the skin protection against harsh extremes. In short, it optimises the skin’s moisture level, giving your skin the radiant glow you deserve.

Restoring skin

Feeling the pinch of having pale looking face?

Wanting to restore the youthnfulness in you?

The Restorative Serum is used after the Ultra Boost Serum detox period of 30 days. The serum is formulated with skin-stimulating plant-based nutrients, creating a soothing and uplifting feeling. It helps balance the skin tone and texture with its moisturising effect. When constantly use on the full face, the serum will give the skin a smooth, moist and replenished radiant look.

Repairing skin

Experiencing itching or any other allergies?

Unsure of the remedy?

The Intense Repairing Serum is a deep absorbing therapeutic formula from unique mix of antioxidant herbal extracts to help lock in moisture in different layers and creates a lasting, moisturising effect. It is used on affected areas only like itching, swelling, allergies and pain and hence, creating a soothing feeling. It helps in reversing skin dullness, maximising the skin’s natural repair cycle for more supple refreshing skin.

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